Pride BBQ Fundraiser - May 14 @ Arsenal Park

QAPA is proud to announce that this year is our first time ever registering as an independent organization, and as such, we are incurring the full registration fee so we can strike out on our own. We are hosting this BBQ in an effort to raise $500 for Pride. Your contribution will help us cover the cost of food, Pride registration, and materials used for marching. The BBQ will take place at the sprawling 13-acre Arsenal Park in Watertown. There will be ribs, steak, wings, hot dogs, vegetarian fare, and drinks. If you want to bring a special dish, please do, it is welcome but not required. Feel free to bring frisbees, balls, water guns, cards, board games -- we might even play a little capture the flag. Bring a partner, bring a friend, bring an ally, bring your mom -- everyone is welcome!

Please reserve your ticket ahead of time, $20 online / $25 at the door. Register online now for our Pride BBQ Fundraiser!

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