Discussion on Queer API Issues for Asian American TV show

We are holding a discussion on Feb 17th, 2011 at 7pm (see listserv for details). From Max, our newest Steering Committee member:

My fellow QAPArs,

My mom hosts an online television show that addresses modern Asian American issues.  She discusses many topics, but is hoping to have one show where she interviews three APIs (an L, G and T) on queer issues.  She has asked for help in preparing for this, and I want to open this up for discussion from the larger group.


What kind of issues do you think the larger public should know about Queer APIs? What kind of stereotypes would you like to see busted? What questions would you LIKE to be asked? What kind of story would you like to hear?

In preparation, and in the hope that we can get a good discussion going, I wanted to get people together so we can talk about this in a friendly relaxed manner.  I had also talked with a few people about going for Shabu Shabu, so I'm combining these events!

This will be an open event, all significant others and allies are welcome, but please see the listserv for the time and venue.

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