QAPA Speaks Out! First Meeting

Are you Queer (sexual minority) and of Asian and/or Pacific Island descent? The Queer Asian & Pacific Islanders Alliance (QAPA) Speaks Out! group can provide a safe and welcoming environment for discussions on our unique experiences of being both Queer and Asian in America. These are possible topics: Coming out, interracial dating, identity issues, intergenerational differences, model minority stereotype, rice queen/sticky rice/potato queen, assimilate/acculturate, and any topics you might want to talk about. So if you have an idea, topic, concern, issue, suggestion, or just want meet other Queer Asians such as yourself please come to our first group meeting and lets Speak Out! The first meeting, led by Hung, will be on Thursday, Sept 30, 2010 at Andala Café in Central Square, 286 Franklin St., Cambridge, Ma., from 6-8pm.

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