Volunteers Needed!

We are trying to increase Queer Asian presence in New England!  Tabling opportunities include:

  • Quincy Lunar New Year Festival, January
  • Northhampton Pride, May
  • Japan Festival, May
  • Boston Pride, June
  • August Moon Festival, August
  • URI Pride, October

PLUS! QAPA is hoping to strengthen our relationships with local AAPI organizations!  If you have a specific interest, talent or identity that you’re interested in exploring, we want you!

  • Interested in films?  Be our liaison with the Boston Asian American Film Festival.
  • Interested in Government?  Help us partner more with the Massachusetts Asian American Commission.
  • Want to meet more Japanese people?  Be our ambassador with the JACL!

We are also trying to strengthen our speaker’s cabinet.  With our increased presence across NE, we have gotten more requests for speakers and tabling opportunities.  If you feel comfortable talking to people about being queer and Asian, please let us know!  We need more strong, out, proud QAPIs who are willing to share their stories.  Not ready for a panel, but willing to help us with a tabling event?  Let us know!  If you’re bilingual we could use your help translating information resources!

Not quite ready for that level of commitment?  Or maybe you are and would like to know if you’re qualified.  There are many ways to get involved with QAPA that require just a little bit of time or resources. Here’s how you can help:

  • Do you have a good space for hosting a potluck, movie night, or game night?
  • Do you have stationary that can be donated for making QAPA literature?
  • Do you have mad crafting skills that you’d like to lend to Pride planning?
  • Do you have any fresh ideas for QAPA events and would like to take charge organizing one?

Don’t delay, there are exciting possibilities everywhere!  Contact qapa@qapa.org!

  1. Hello my name is Hung Dinh. I just recently moved to Boston and I am interested in getting involved in your organization. I want to advocate for more services and get more representation for the gay Asian population because I feel our experiences are unique and need to be discussed. I would love to see how I can be of help and maybe get an open dialogue to further this cause.

  2. Emmanuel Avila Jr

    I want supporT GBLT

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