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QAPA in Bay Windows

Also, I forgot to mention that our own Kathy was featured on the front page of Bay Windows as she marched with QAPA in Boston Pride. She made it to both the homepage of BW and also the print version!

Most exciting, MAP won second place for their adaptation of this year’s green theme with a carbon neutral presence (I’m pretty sure U-Hauls burn gasoline, but who’s counting?) MASALA was pretty green, though, with their leg powered rickshaw as was QAPA who was hoofin’ it the whole way. Any way you slice, it, congratulations to us! Second place! Here’s the blurb:

With so few parade participants embracing this year’s theme, the Pride Committee offered just one runner up award for best theme adaptation instead of its usual two. The second place award went to the joint contingent from Massachusetts Asian and Pacific Islanders (MAP) for Health and the Massachusetts Area South Asian Lambda Association (MASALA). MAP and MASALA had a carbon neutral presence in this year’s parade, combining a virtual float — a group of marchers surrounded by four poles connected with hanging strips of fabric — and a rickshaw.


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