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Currently, membership in QAPA is free, despite the fact that there are expenses of which most people are unaware. For the past few years, expenses such as web hosting and phone lines have been personally paid for by dedicated and generous members who wish to make QAPA free and accessible for all people. Over the past year, QAPA has grown to be more vital and active than it has been in recent memory (many of you out there have probably joined QAPA during this time period). To help maintain this level of activity and also to relieve the financial burden off of select members of QAPA, alternative sources of funding need to be found. In the past, membership fees have been charged to cover QAPA's expenses. The current steering committee feels, however, that mandatory membership fees would not make QAPA accessible for everyone and would discourage members from joining.

Rather, QAPA would like to request from its members voluntary donations of any amount--it may be anything as low as $5 or $1 or as much as $20, $50, or $100 (the sky's the limit!). These funds would be used not only for the regular expenses QAPA incurs such as web hosting, publicity, and phone lines, but also for special projects such as our float in this year's Boston Pride Parade to celebrate our 25 years as the nation's very first queer Asian organization. If you wish to see QAPA continue to provide a supportive social, political, and educational environment, then please consider donating whatever you can.

To make a donation to QAPA by cash or check, please send an email to, notifying the QAPA Steering Committee that you would like to make a donation, or click the button below to donate via PayPal:

Thank you for your continued support!

Your QAPA Steering Committee