QAPA - Queer Asian Pacific Alliance

New England / Boston

QAPA 25th Anniversary Sunset Boat Cruise

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Thank you to everyone who came to our 25th Anniversary Sunset Boat Cruise and made it such a successful celebration. It was unbelievably good weather, the Indian and Thai food was good, the boat very cute and perfect for our size, and the company was the best part - you all ROCK!

Thanks, especially, to members past and present who came and said some words about the history of QAPA - you were all wonderful speakers. Thanks also to Marlon for being an MC extraordinaire! It IS all about you, honey!

MAP for Health - Long, Sammy, Jacob and Johnny; what can we say? Without your support, this event would never have happened.

We were sad to send off QAPA Steering Committee member HJ, but she does deserve a break! She's worked so hard trying to keep QAPA alive over the last 7-8 years - hey, time flies when you're having fun. Best of luck to you in whatever the future holds.

Finally, we acknowledge Massachusetts Bay Lines - who very graciously gave us the more expensive Harbor Belle boat for the same price as the less expensive boat we had originally booked. When their booking coordinator heard the reason why we were booking the cruise, she said "Oh, I didn't know it was for such a special occasion, I'll give you the Harbor Belle for the same price". It's amazing where you find gay-friendly people in this world!