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Be part of History


Way back when I was just coming out, I was confused. Of course there was the usual internalized confusion of “what,” but I was also struggling with the ever looming question of “how.” How was I going to come out to my parents and stare down their expectations. Coming out means coming to grips with that, and I hadn’t the faintest idea how to do it *and* keep my family intact. Yes, I had queer friends in my support network; they were all white; we went to Boston Pride together.


Author, at age 18

And that is where I was standing, 20 deep in the sea of people casually observing from the sidelines when the folx from QAPA marched by. One of them saw me, and aggressively pushed through the crowd in order to flyer me. It was the only time I enjoyed being racially profiled.

Seeing them frolic down the street was the very definition of “Pride.” They enjoyed being with each other and painted an enviable picture for a happier future. A future where I could be BOTH Queer AND Asian, something that I had simply not even considered.

It’s been 20 years since that experience, and QAPA still serves that valuable and necessary link to community. In fact QAPA has been getting it done for almost 40 years. Decades of shared coming out stories over dumplings and dim sum. Hundreds of hours discussing the intersection of race, gender, sexuality and religion over a hot bowl of congee. And thousands upon thousands of origami cranes, tenderly folded over appletinis.


Cranes to pass out at Pride

In a couple of weeks, members of QAPA, past and present from across the country, will gather to celebrate. We celebrate the work that was done then, and the work that continues to get done. We will assume our place in queer history as the oldest LGBT API organization in the United States. Come to our gala. Honor our past. Celebrate the “we.” Be part of history.

Community Catalyst Comes home to Boston

We at QAPA are ecstatic to announce that in honor of our 37th Anniversary (what a beautiful prime number) we are hosting for the first time a Community Catalyst Awards dinner in Boston.

The dinner will feature a 10-course traditional chinese banquet, performances, dancing and most of all YOU!

We are especially looking to connect with as many past QAPA/AMALGM/BAGMAL Steering committee members as possible.  This is a great opportunity for a reunion AND to connect to the current QAPA members.  Let’s embrace our multi generational strength! If you are a past QAPA/BAGMAL/AMALGM Steering Committee member, please email us at


For more info about the Catalyst Dinner, check out our event page.

Spread the word!

Urvashi Vaid - GLAD’s 2014 Spirit of Justice Honoree

I’m very pleased to offer discounted tickets to this year’s GLAD Spirit of Justice Awards Dinner. Urvashi Vaid will be honored as the 2014 recipient, marking the first time an Asian lesbian has received the honor and putting her in a circle with Deval Patrick and Chief Justice Marshall.

Because of QAPA’s place in the community, any QAPA members who would like to attend, simply enter in PROMOSOJ14 to purchase $75 tickets (in lieu of the $250 ticket) and then select Maxwell Ng/QAPA as your table captain.

QAPA will be seated with our friends, MASALA, of whom Hema Sarang-Sieminski has worked tirelessly for LGBT refugee asylum. And I am hopeful that we can also honor our own Janson Wu who has given so much as GLAD’s Deputy Director.

This event is the premier networking event of Boston’s LGBTQ community, drawing thousands of people.  Purchase discounted tickets here.

What does love look like?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

We here at love you and we love being proponents of all types of love.   So whether you celebrate Valentine’s day with roses and chocolates, or you just think it’s a plot from Hallmark to control our wallets, be good to yourself and all those you love.  Your bestie, your mom, your boo.  It’s all the same.

Today, QAPA would like to shout out our love for our besties over at MASALA.


QPOC Bridge

So recently QAPA was asked to participate in a larger collective of LGBT and POC groups in Boston, named the QPOC Bridge. I am hopeful that this will lead to some great partnerships, allyships and collaborations. As part of that participation, we will start posting other organizations events on the QAPA FB page. This will be a great way for us all to extend our networks and exercise our voice in the larger world. YAY QAPI Visibility!

Help us Help you

We love you QAPArs! But we (the Steering Committee) want to make sure it’s a mutual attraction! Won’t you take our super short survey and give us some feedback? It will take you just 10 minutes and it will help us immensely!

All people who are Queer and/or Asian are welcome to respond. But we’d especially love to hear from you if you live in New England.

Pretty please!

Happy Holidays from QAPA Steer


As 2013 starts to wind down, we wanted to let everyone know that there are big things on the horizon for QAPA.

First of all 2014 is QAPA’s 35th anniversary. We are already planning a big party for the fall to celebrate. Tell everyone you know to come back to Boston for the shindig. We’d love to reconnect with as many QAPA alumni as possible.

Second, we’re getting approached by lots of other groups to partner and network. On top of our usual events with NQAPIA, MAP and MASALA, now we’ll also have a few events with NAAAP (National Assoc of Asian American Professionals), BAGLY, and maybe a few others.  Make sure to check the Meetup for all these cool opportunities.

And finally, in conjunction with all these cool events and partnerships, we really want to hear from you. In a few weeks we’re going to put out a quick survey to take the temperature of QAPA. We absolutely need your feedback. If you’ve never come to an event, or if you have come to all of them, your voice is important! Please be on the lookout for that.

Hope everyone’s holidays are warm and bright no matter how you celebrate.

QAPA Steer

Volunteers, Ambassadors and Emmisaries

We want you.

QAPA is hoping to strengthen our relationships with local AAPI organizations!  If you have a specific interest, talent or identity that you’re interested in exploring, we want you!

-Interested in films?  Be our liaison with the Boston Asian American Film Festival.
-Interested in Government?  Help us partner more with the Massachusetts Asian American Commission.
-Want to meet more Japanese people?  Be our ambassador with the JACL!

We are also trying to strengthen our speaker’s cabinet.  With our increased presence across NE, we have gotten more requests for speakers and tabling opportunities.  If you feel comfortable talking to people about being queer and Asian, please let us know!  We need more strong, out, proud QAPIs who are willing to share their stories.  Not ready for a panel, but willing to help us with a tabling event?  Let us know!  If you’re bilingual we could use your help translating information resources!

Don’t delay, there are exciting possibilities everywhere!  Contact!

Boston LGBT Immigration Forum

QAPA is excited to partner with NQAPIA, MAP for Health, PRYSM, MASALA and GLAD to address the policies that substantially impact LGBT Asian lives.

Please join us for an evening focused on Comprehensive Immigration Reform and how it impacts LGBT Asian Americans. Share your/your family’s story or come to listen. Refreshments and refreshing conversation will be provided. You bring the networking and community. We’ll bring the latest information locally and nationally about the national debate around immigrants’ rights and how YOU can get involved!

Thursday, March 21st, 6:30pm

Held at MAP for Health, 324 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

RSVP Here via Meetup,  or  RSVP Here via Facebook


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are about 35,000 same sex bi-national couples where one partner is a US citizen or legal permanent resident and the other is a foreign national.  There are over 400,000 Asian Americans, South Asians, Southeast Asians and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) in the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, over 60% of them are immigrants.

With President Obama passing the Dream Act, the time is NOW for comprehensive immigration reform.

Year of the Snake 2013 Festivities

We had great time at Chau Chow City on February 2, 2021 to celebrate the Year of the Snake!  We shared food family style, and were able to even do a bit of fundraising through the generosity of our members. There were new and old members

After dinner, we didn’t want to part ways just yet and we went to have some bubble tea and continued conversations. QAPA wishes everyone an incredible year, and if you’re not done celebrating yet. There is the Quincy Lunar New Year Festival this Sunday, March 10th (postponed from February 24 due to weather). We will be tabling this year starting noon time. Come by and say hi and enjoy the festivities! You can RSVP on our meetup page for more details.

The Lunar New Year is a special time for families to gather and reflect. We have a year to hope for better things to come not only for our real family, but for the “families” that we have discovered through our communities. QAPA is very lucky to have this family and we cannot wait to contribute more for 2013.


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