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Support the Transgender Equal Rights Bill!

Fellow QAPA members, please take a moment to call your state lawmaker to support this very important piece of legislature:

Dear MTPC Supporter,

I am writing you with important news.

Lawmakers are expected to vote on the Transgender Equal Rights bill TODAY or TOMORROW.

Please take a moment NOW to contact your state lawmakers to ask for their support of this bill.  

Your request for support from state lawmakers is vital. Opponents of the bill have been swamping the inboxes of lawmakers. Lawmakers need to know that the public and their constituents support this bill!

Over the next 24 hours, it is critical that lawmakers hear from bill supporters!  

MassEquality will be phonebanking in support of the bill all day tomorrow. And we need volunteers! During phone banks, we talk to constituents and transfer supporters of the bill directly to their lawmakers’ voicemail boxes so they can leave messages in support of the bill. Call Justin at 617.878.2344 to sign up or send him an email!

In the days ahead, you may hear confusing things about this bill.  To be clear, this bill provides vital protections in employment, education, housing, credit, and hate crimes which transgender residents of the Commonwealth desperately need.  The bill is not perfect as it does not include public accommodations protections, but it is a solid civil rights bill that represents an historic step forward in supporting full civil rights protections for the transgender community.

Please contact lawmakers today and ask them to vote in favor of this bill.


Gunner Scott, MTPC Executive Director

For more information, go to

QAPA is Moving to!

Hi Folks,

The rumors are true, QAPA is phasing out its Yahoo! Group listserv and going to the shiny, minty fresh, Web 2.0-ey Despite there now being some overhead costs (annual fee) associated with Meetup, we thought it was the best move to make because it shifts the focus to QAPA’s next upcoming event while still allowing members to talk among themselves (discussion boards). Also it makes it easy as Sunday morning to view and RSVP to events. One of the coolest features introduced is that now members can suggest their own events. As soon as 3 others mark that they are interested, it becomes a full fledged event. Power to the people!

We encourage our members to start switching over to the Meetup as there are already events posted that are just waiting for you to RSVP to :) Come to one of our events or stay and chat a little on our Discussion Board (there’s not much there right now, but we’re looking to our members to get the ball rolling!) If you like the new system, please let us know, and if you really like the system or just want to show your support, you can donate any amount by clicking the link on the left under “Recommended Donation.”

So here’s the big ol’ link to the new location, it’ll be circulated on the Yahoo! Group several times before the Group is turned off for good:


FYI,the new Meetup is just replacing the old clunky Yahoo! listserv. This blog remains alive and well, just like our Facebook group and Twitter Account.

See ya at the next Meetup!
- QAPA Steering

Pride Planning

This being our first year marching independently, QAPA was psyched about our presence in the Pride parade. In our usual frugal tradition, the first thing we did was head to the dollar store to pick up decorations that we could piece meal together. You may laugh, but the last time we did this, we actually won second place with our adaptation of that year’s green theme with a carbon neutral presence AND we made it to the front page of Bay Windows, no joke! We made the same streamers that looked so good unfurled in the wind that past year, and we solicited for volunteers to help us make candy/business card hand outs for the crowd.

Planning Gang

Planning Gang

Also, we did some custom stuff. We got our new logo printed out on a big banner which we planned to carry at the head of our marching section, and we made QAPA t-shirts for our contingent to show our unity.



All in all, a very productive pride planning party with food and friends.


BBQ Recap

Grill Master Max and Cedrick

Our fundraising BBQ for Pride was a success and we ended up making back about 75% of our Pride costs. Thanks to everyone who attended, and a special thanks to those who donated money in addition to their ticket cost. I (Mimi) would also like to express my appreciation for everyone on the QAPA steering committee for essentially donation food/dish ware/etc, allowing QAPA to keep most of the proceeds raised by ticket sales and cash contributions.

Big shout out to our man, Max the grill master, and chief contributor of all things meat.

We got to meet a few new people, even some out of towners, and most importantly, we got to spend time with our members. Looking forward to the next event — hopefully it’ll be a little warmer!

Keeping Warm

BBQ Lovers

BBQ Lovers

Pride BBQ Fundraiser - May 14 @ Arsenal Park

QAPA is proud to announce that this year is our first time ever registering as an independent organization, and as such, we are incurring the full registration fee so we can strike out on our own.

We are hosting this BBQ in an effort to raise $500 for Pride. Your contribution will help us cover the cost of food, Pride registration, and materials used for marching. The BBQ will take place at the sprawling 13-acre Arsenal Park in Watertown. There will be ribs, steak, wings, hot dogs, vegetarian fare, and drinks. If you want to bring a special dish, please do, it is welcome but not required. Feel free to bring frisbees, balls, water guns, cards, board games — we might even play a little capture the flag. Bring a partner, bring a friend, bring an ally, bring your mom — everyone is welcome!

Please reserve your ticket ahead of time, $20 online / $25 at the door.
Register online now for our Pride BBQ Fundraiser!

Upcoming Speak Out!: LGBTQ Partner Abuse 101

Did you know that 1 in 4 LGBTQ people will be abused by a partner?

For this month’s QAPA Speak Out! event we will hear from Chai Jindasurat from the Network/La Red (TNLR), and Qingjian Shi and Dahvy Tran from the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence (ATASK), about partner abuse in LGBTQ communities. We will discuss the definition of abuse, myths and facts about LGBTQ domestic violence, root causes, resources and ways to support survivors. Domestic violence is a community issue, we are all responsible for ending partner abuse.

The event will take place on Wednesday, April 27, 2020 from 6-8PM at MAP for Health, 322 Tremont St., Boston, MA 02116.

An LGBT Immigration Forum

Join us for a evening discussion about LGBT immigrants’ rights. In follow-up from last year’s successful Queer Immigrants’ Rights Forum, local LGBT Asian American and immigrant organizations will delve deeply into the current status of immigrant rights in Boston and at the federal level and its implications for the LGBT community.

Panelists will provide an update on developments from both the federal level in Washington, D.C. as well as on the local level in Boston; how immigration reform may affect LGBT individuals, and how the audience can get involved.

Cost is FREE! Light refreshments will be provided.


Monday, February 28, 2021
Reception and Networking: 6:00 PM, Program starts at 6:30 PM
Suffolk Law School Room 335
120 Tremont St., Boston, MA
(Park Street MBTA Station - red or green lines)

-Law Professor Ragini Shah from Suffolk Law School; and
-Ben de Guzman, Co-Director of the National Queer Asian and Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA), Washington DC.

To RSVP: (e-mail) (Facebook)

Co-Sponsored by:
National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA)
Massachusetts South Asian Lambda Association (MASALA)
Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (QAPA)
Suffolk Law School
The Network/ La Red

Discussion on Queer API Issues for Asian American TV show

We are holding a discussion on Feb 17th, 2011 at 7pm (see listserv for details).

From Max, our newest Steering Committee member:

My fellow QAPArs,

My mom hosts an online television show that addresses modern Asian American issues.  She discusses many topics, but is hoping to have one show where she interviews three APIs (an L, G and T) on queer issues.  She has asked for help in preparing for this, and I want to open this up for discussion from the larger group.


What kind of issues do you think the larger public should know about Queer APIs?
What kind of stereotypes would you like to see busted?
What questions would you LIKE to be asked?
What kind of story would you like to hear?

In preparation, and in the hope that we can get a good discussion going, I wanted to get people together so we can talk about this in a friendly relaxed manner.  I had also talked with a few people about going for Shabu Shabu, so I’m combining these events!

This will be an open event, all significant others and allies are welcome, but please see the listserv for the time and venue.

The New Year’s Outlook

The QAPA Steering Committee has already convened for the new year and I can tell you we’ve got a lot of things cooking for our members in 2011. We’ve experienced a surge of new members, some of whom have expressed an interest in volunteering for QAPA (although more are always welcome). We are also working hard on cranking out more community building events including discussion groups on topics that are relevant to you, our members; aligning ourselves with other API and queer organizations, both local and national; and of course, planning the social soirees that have been a staple of our group.

We’ll keep you posted right here on what’s to come — visit the Events page frequently, or check the listserve for upcoming events!

Holiday Party — Bowling!!!

This year we switched up the annual Christmas party in favor for some sporting fun — that is, if you consider bowling a sport. The pizza at Flatbread was surprisingly delicious (all organic ingredients help) and the bowling was a blast!

We had good bowlers, dancing bowlers, three-balls-at-a-time bowlers, and even hand-standing bowlers.

Several new people came out and we hope to see them again!

If you missed our bowling event, you can always come to our Chinese New Year party on Saturday, January 22, 2010, 7-9pm (you’ll receive an invite via the QAPA listserv).


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