API LGBT Health-Informal Community Survey

As a prelude to the upcoming Fenway event for queer women of color (4/30, Thursday, 1340 Boylston, Boston, 7-9pm), we want to hear your ideas and thoughts on health needs, challenges, or ideas, for the API LGBT community. This is a very informal survey, we’re hoping to use the blog to generate some dialogue with the community and get a sense of main issues and needs.

Please add your comments to the blog! Here are some general questions for discussion, feel free to address them or add your own. We welcome all opinions and ideas!

  • As a queer API, what kind of questions do you have regarding your health as LGBT person?
  • Have you personally faced certain health obstacles stemming from the fact that you’re queer and/or API?
  • What kind of resources, and information would you like to see?
  • What do you think are some of the challenges we face as API LGBT patients?
  • Any advice/strategies on empowering our community on the issue of health?
  • Any interesting health research or data that you know of that you can share?

Thank you!

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  1. this is a general comment on finding resources, but i think it applies to health-related resources also. i feel like it is oftentimes a little tricky when trying to overlap the two communities… like if i am seeking an lgbtq resource, i can often assume correctly that it will be pretty white. on the other hand, if i am getting involved in a chinatown organization, i’m a little hesitant to come out b/c i’m not sure what some of the reactions may be (particularly of the older generations). maybe i am making some assumptions here, but still it is tricky.

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