Prop 8 = hate

Thank you to all the QAPA members who attended the Prop 8 rally on last Saturday 11/15/08! We welcomed some new members and saw some old faces. =)  It was truly amazing seeing all of MA get together for such advocacy. I haven’t seen such energy since our community rallied together to fight a legislative decision that would have put our marriage rights to a vote, which helped us avoid the fate in CA. 

Huddled Masses

As we are all aware, the fight isn’t over, and we must stand in solidarity as a part of the  ational LGBT community as even though we have marriage rights here in MA. Here at QAPA, despite occasionally running thin on volunteerism, we’re still out there, demonstrating that our queer API community remains strong and committed.

We hope you will join us in our next event. 

Marriage is So Gay


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